Words SHAPE our future…Reverse your Speaking and Thinking and receive favorable results…

16 Jan

Written By: ShelliMonét Newbolt

Each day we determine what state of mind we‘re going to be in when we awake.  We decide to feel either happy or sad; even if our circumstances communicate otherwise.  The frame of mind we set structures our entire day.  By speaking positive we set the ball in motion to decide the course of our day.  When we feel the opposite those negative emotions emerge and causes us to only attract unfavorable events to occur, which confirms our mind-set.

So, I wondered why a person consciously chooses to speak devaluing and defeating words to his/her self?

Like the following:

1.     I’m not smart enough,

2.    I’m stupid,

3.    I’ll never make it,

4.    Why do bad things always happen to me,

5.    My life sucks,

6.    I don’t have enough money or

7.    I’m poor

Why would a person knowingly want to curse their life with perceiving the worst about themselves?  Although, their situation may be less than desirable at the time,  a person is not bad based upon those external difficulties they are facing.  Instead of projecting pessimistic words over your life which will bare only more hardship because you already spoke lack and doubt over your life, so how can abundance and good take root and alter or counteract those grime words you effortless cast out into the universe?

And the ironic point is when they receive all of those negative manifestations back, as an alternative  to reshape their life with healthier, optimist philosophies, immediate they add fuel to the fire by, confirming more unfruitful and pessimistic terms.

I believe Anthony Robbins put it best, when he said, “Life will pay whatever you ask it for.”

After much pondering, prayer and reading a multitude of books, I realized, we as a

world have been greatly deceived! The reason being, most have been conditioned to think, speak and believe negatives.  At once, I remembered, when I was twelve years old, I read Norman Vincent Peale, “The power of positive thinking.”

Where he pointed out that 90% of the world is negative in their view and only a mere 10% are positive.  For some reason, I never forgot those indeliable impressions.  I guess because it was quite alarming for me to comprehend the enormous uneven divide.

Despite the statistic, I want to encourage you along with provide you with beneficial words to help you take full command over your thinking and speaking to ensure you receive favorable results in your life.

1. Confidence:

First and foremost, a person will only belittle his/her selves when he/she doesn’t feel valuable, worthy, important or accomplishment.  Think about it, when you feel confident do you echo untruths and destructive words about yourself?  Of course, you don’t, that’s what so great about feeling empowered!  But when you experiencing multiple challenges all at once, your faith is tested causing you to sometimes react.  And many times due to stress we all tend to say inaccurate and unproductive words in the heated moment of frustration.  What then happens, the seeds he/she plant rapidly take root, an evidently manifest the unwanted negative fruit.

Now, I want you to be conscious of the words which you select.  So the next time a challenge arises, instantly take a few deep breathe and wait 30 seconds before reacting.  This gives you an opportunity to eliminate some tension and get prospective, before you blurt out sabotaging words toward your life and future. This is a proven EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) exercise that indeed works.  Quickly, recall a time when you felt powerful and then reverse the questions you normally ask yourself.  For Instance: substitute those questions with healthy nurturing ones given below:

1.    “Why are good things always happening to me?”

2.    “Why do I have more than enough money?”

3.    “Why AM I abundant in all I do?”

4.    “Why AM I smart enough to achieve my dreams and goals?”

5.    “Why do I always attract good people and good events into my life?”

6.    “Why I’ll make it, do it and attain it?”

7.    “Why God puts so much good in me?”

8.    “Why the gifts God blessed me with are improving others and the world?”

9.    “Why is my life so WONDERFUL in all aspects?”

10. “Why I have abundance in every area of my life!  There is NOTHING lacking?”

11. “Why I AM so blessed and AM grateful to God for all my abundance?”

12. “Why all my bills and obligations are paid in full (Debt FREE)?”

13. “Why I AM a giver?”

14. “Why my money is generating, multiplying, overflowing continuously increasing and appreciating in every form every day?”

15. “Why I REFUSE to live in a state of LACK any longer?  Because God DEMANDS for me to reside in PROSPERITY!”

16. “Why God’s word say’s ‘The power of life and death is in the tongue, Proverbs 18:21?”


The second reason one speaks and thinks scarcity into his/her life, he/she lacks focus and purpose.  You see, when a person is ignorance of their truth place in the world he/she doesn’t seem to make onward progress.  This  limits the individual from taking risks and aspiring to certainly live in the fullness which God intended for that person.  As a result, his/her confidence is deficient causing them to be apprehensive about daring to participate in new encounters or experiences.  It’s like being mentally imprisoned, so they don’t care if they are negative and unhappy individuals who constantly complains and don’t make progress (emotionally, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually).

“The tongue that brings healing is a tree of life, but a deceitful tongue crushes the spirit.”  Proverbs 15:4

To conquer anxiety you must build your self-esteem and understand who you are (value).  After recognizing self-worth,  take a week or so to search your heart and mind to uncover your gifts, talents and genius within.  Ask yourself…

1.”What I’M I exceptional at doing?”

2.”What do I like doing?”

3.”What would I do even if I didn’t get paid for doing it?”

Then with ongoing prayer and meditation your gifts will be clearly revealed to you.  Remember, “If you seek you shall find.”  Psalms 27:4

After you’re sure of your talents you must discover what your idea purpose is in life.  And this can be a journey in it self.  Be sure to relax and exercise patience.  Remind yourself finding out your mission in life is extremely serious, so don’t rush this process.  The challenges all arise once you’re aware of your divine calling…

Therefore words, thoughts and past behaviors all shape our future results.  In order to get different resolutions we must alter our personal philosophies.  How do we do that, start to be accountable for each word and thought that come into our mind.  We decide if we want to entertain that particular thought or voice certain words.  It’s a learned discipline which takes time to structure and control.  I used EFT tools along with the recommendations from one of my beloved books, “The one minute millionaire” By: Hansen and Allen, it instructed me to place a rubber band on your left wrist for 30 days and every time I either thought or spoke a negative word I snap the rubber band.  This is a simple but a great way to control what you think and get great results.

So, when you utter pessimistic comment about yourself out of fear and stress be mindful it your low self confidences causing you to disrespect yourself and drawing negatives toward your present and future.  Be valuing yourself more, counteracting opposing words and thoughts is the only way you’ll achieve your level of success and peace in life, so decide to pick constructive words and thoughts instead of destructive one, because your destiny depends upon it.

“Let your past instruct you, not burden you.” Jim Rohn (1930-2009)

Stay tune for next weeks blog with more characteristics detailing the powerful effects of how words shape your destiny.

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