Glutathione -Your Key to Health…

11 Sep
Guanábanas in Colombian Market

Guanábanas in Colombian Market (Photo credit: philipbouchard)

Written by:  S.M. Newbolt-Williams

I had a wonderful opportunity while doing cancer research, to discover the invaluable benefits of one of the most essential Amino Acids within the body. It’s known as Glutathione (GSH). This Amino Acid repairs the entire Immune System to ensure healthy cells, prevent premature aging and disease to occur.

This remarkable Amino acid is produced within the body. However, when the body is deficient in GSH, it’ll cause cells to quickly age, die and disease and infections to occur. Diseases such as various Cancers, Heart disease, AIDS, High Blood Pressure On set type II Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc.

The good news is that GSH can strengthen the immune response as well as the total system. It’s a product called Immunotec which offers complete results. Check it out for yourself at
And as far as cancer goes, recently I received from my mother-in-law who is also a scientist, some live altering news. There is a fruit referred to as ‘Guanabana’ which is derived from Brazil and it is proven to fight against cancer and is 1,000 percent more effective than traditional chemotherapy. Along with only destroying the cancerous cells and maintaining the body’s healthy cells.

These two discoveries are indeed modifying the effects of Holistic Medicine and Traditional medicine as well as our health.

Thank you for reading my blog about Immunotec and Guanabana. Please forward forward or suggest this useful information to all who may be seeking to improve their health. And may God continue to bless all who express a need in any aspect of their lives.

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