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You MUST do the thing you think you cannot do

25 May

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“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought it was quite befitting to start this blog off with a quote that echo’s current day concerns. With the state of our global economy being unstable, jobs are few and in between for some; yet there are a select few who continues to strive (making ton’s of money and haven’t skipped a beat) despite what CNN and The BBC seems to be reporting on the World New there are a handful of people becoming wealthy millionaires as a result of this financial climate.

So, just ask yourself…does WallStreet’s daily stock analysis truly reflect financial statics/data? Many may be uncertain and others will question it altogether? Maybe because, some individuals are aware, after the 1929 Great Depression the most millionaires within the U.S. were ever created. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone who holds a dream near to his/her heart, that with perseverance, proper research, tremendous faith, confidence and an unshakeable perception of what you determine most to accomplish, it can and will manifest once deciding that you are going to achieve it.

You see, money, success, health and peace of mind can be obtained. You must figure how badly do you want to alter your circumstances. Afterward, conceive which path to pursue;  Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing, MLM, Creating a Home-based Internet Business, Writing an Ebook, Investing in Stocks and Bonds, or beginning a Traditional Business to become financially secure. Now think about it. There is a Chinese Proverbs which say’s… “When the student is ready the teacher will appears.”

Are you ready to work toward manifesting your dream/purpose in order to cultivate as well as live an extremely fruitful life? Keeping in mind, it takes enormous strength, effort and time to achieve. If you’re not sure what you want at this point I’ll leave you with this…

Napoleon Hill was approached by Andrew Carnegie about constructing a how-to manual/book about rich men(such as: Henry Ford, The Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s just to name a few) of the early 1900’s and how they generated their significant wealth. Hill, was instructed to spend 25 years doing extension research in order to put together an accurate description of how one might become rich. He complied and three years prior to The Great Depression his book Think and Grow Rich was published.

Frankly, I am aware of what those individuals read before experiencing a paralyzing financial depression. Th believer the content severely changed their way of thinking and speaking. Their minds were altered to such a degree that it sustains along with motivated those people to take action even in the center of great financial uncertainty. Let me ask you a question…today, wouldn’t you like to take action to set the balls in motion in your life to come out ahead?

18 Dec

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

With Christmas upon us… Many are filled with a great deal of anxiety, due to enormous amounts

of financial obligations we are expected to maintain.   While we’re attempting to figure out how

to properly meet those demands and still provide a traditional Christmas celebration for our

families.  I realize times are different and globally the masses are diligently working to

overcome financial challenges as well as personal set-backs.  Therefore, I wanted to

encourage everyone to  take a look at their situation and find the good which lays beneath your

present circumstances and be grateful you have made it thus far.  Indeed times are altered and we

have become accustomed to certain life-styles  but as a result of  global financial restructuring we

have had to make immense alterations in order to survive.  Know that most of the world can

identify with what you’re going through and had to make parallel adjustments also.   I want you to

know you are capable of succeeding in spite of what is occurring.  Yes, you may have to readjust

your thinking as well as outlook in order to create the life you desire for yourself and love ones.  But

remember you have the power and knowledge to overcome difficulties . And you have all the tools

you need within, you must merely cultivate them !  So I pray for much success for

you and your family and I’ll leave you with three of my favor quotes, “We make a

living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in

trying to adapt the world to himself.  Therefore all progress depends on the

unreasonable man.”  George Bernard Shaw

“Without struggle there is no progress.”  Frederick Douglass

Therefore, to all keep believing in the impossible and you’ll achieve it!  You see, by

setting your eyes on the stars you can soar with the eagles.  Remember its all up

to You!

Again thanks a lot for reading my blog, it means a great deal to me.  All the best to you

and your family.  And may your Christmas be extremely blessed beyond your


Money: The Last Taboo! And Why Many don’t have it! (This was written over a hundred years ago….)

14 Dec

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

“I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich.”
How many of my pious brethren say to me, ‘Do you, a Christian
minister, spend your time going up and down the country
advising young people to get rich, to get money?’  “yes, of
course I do.”

They say, “Isn’t that awful!  Why don’t you preach the gospel
instead of preaching about man’s making money?”  Because
to make money honestly is to preach the gospel.  That is the
reason.  The men who get rich may be the most honest men
you find in the community.

“Oh, “but say some young man here tonight, “I have been
told all my life that if a person has money he is very
dishonest and dishonorable and mean and contemptible.”
My friend, that is the reason why you have none, because
you have that idea of people.  The foundation of your faith
is altogether false,  Let me say here clearly… ninety-eight out
of one hundred of the rich men (and women) of America are
honest.  That is why they are rich.  That is why they are
trusted with money.  That is why they carry on great enterprises
and find plenty of people to work with them.

Say another young man, “I hear sometimes of men that get
millions of dollars dishonestly.”  Yes, of course you do, and so do
I.  But they are so rare a thing in fact that the newspapers talk
about them all the time as a matter of news until you get the
idea that all the other rich men got rich dishonestly.

My friend, you…drive me …out into the suburbs of Philadelphia,
and introduce me to the people who own their homes around
this great city, those beautiful homes with gardens and flowers,
those magnificent homes so lovely in their are, and I will introduce
you to the very best people in character as well as in enterprise
in our city…They that own their homes are made more honorable
and honest and pure, and true and economical and careful, by
owning the(m).

We preach against covetousness…in the pulpit…and use the
terms…”filthy lucre” so extremely that Christians get the idea that…
it is wicked for any man to have money.  Money is POWER, and
you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it!  You ought to
because you can do more good with it than you could do without it.
Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends
your missionaries, and money pays your preachers…I say, then, you
ought to have money.  If you can honestly attain unto riches…it is your
…godly duty to do so.  It is an awful mistake of these pious people to
think you must be awfully poor in order to be pious.”

Russell H. Conwell, Acres of Diamonds

I took this passage from “The One Minute Millionaire”  to encourage
all of you to dare to alter your financial destiny and make 2011
the best year to come.  So when you’re really ready for a change
dial this number 212 461 2787.  Once you have listened to the
amazing and life changing message…give us a call 702 403 9109 and begin
to truly life!

All the best to you!

Are YOU Too Busy Making a Living to Earn Real Money?

16 Nov
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I’m so very EXCITED to share this AMAZING program with you that

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I know you’re excited and can’t wait to click on the above link, but wait a

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been literally working so diligently to MAKE MONEY Online and

now I have found an incredible resource which I want to share

to help others good people who have be desperately struggling

to pay their mortgages, feed their children and build a nest-egg

for security and peace of mind!

I thank you for reading my blog and I wish you much success!

How to Be Aware of FALSE MARKETING CLAIMS just in order to get Your MONEY!

25 Oct

Written By:  ShelliMonet Newbolt

Recently, I’ve read numerous articles which entailed very precise details on how

a tend of Online Marketing has become overly dishonest. Some articles were

downright shocking! revealing how desperate Network Marketers are making false

claims all in order to make a fast buck. Therefore, I decided to share this much

needed as well as beneficial information with you.

Signs to look out for:

  • First when seeking to get involved in either an Online business or MLM company do your research by using Google and making sure it’s an actual business. Downloading free SEO software like (Cherry Picker) will help you verify the companies status, ranking and other helpful information to assist you in making an informed decision to get involved with that particular business.
  • Second, ask questions by inquiring about various techniques they’re using. Don’t beafraid to fully get involved because you hold all the power. Realizing those businesses need your money in order to prosper, so take the time to ponder before spending your money. Take an hour out of your schedule to contact a few of those individuals from the testimonials provided. The reason being, many of those testimonial have been purchase for less than $5 dollars. Yes, that’s right there are companies who are openly misleading you with outrageous claims of earning hundredth of thousandth of dollars per week. And the reality of it all… most people aren’t making any money Online. I’m sure by now you have heard about the 3% who are actually grossing a significant amount of money with an Online business. Yes, those who are affiliates with Click Bank claims to be grossing thousands of per day. Others are selling an opportunity to show you step-by-step how-to earn outrageous money as a Click Bank affiliate.
  • Thirdly, don’t let the overdone and flashy Websites cause you to dive right into an opportunity. I have found, most of those sites are geared to seduce and manipulate those honest and hard-working people who are new to Online marketing, which makes it difficult for them to decipher between honest and dishonest marketing tactics that prey on the uninformed.
  • Fourth, take your time to learn and study what Online Marketing, Home Based business or MLM is all about. Please don’t commit yourself to a financial obligation without learning what’s required of you. When people do that, those companies profit greatly due to you not knowing what’s involved. Or when an opportunity start-up cost is as low as $10 per month, others may feel investing a merely $10 per monthly is nothing in comparison to reap huge profits, so they continue to pay and don’t earn half of the money that was promised. And by the end of the year they’ve invested $120.00 and still haven’t made a dime. Therefore, those companies are relying on others not to question or opt out of their opportunity in order to keep profiting from others lack of consciousness. The real sad part is that some Online businesses are not making significant earnings from their products and services, it’s all from manipulating others into investing in their businesses and that’s how the unbelievable money earners are succeeding.
  • Lastly, if a business either claims an offer has a dead-line, or has limited stock, realize it’s all to convince you to immediately buy know, that is all a marketing game designed to get your money. Creating a false irresistible demand to call you to action is just that. And most of those products don’t enable you to generate the amount of money which it promised. However, some of those tactics are just to get you to quickly pull out your credit card and spend money, but doesn’t deliver little or no profit. And don’t be taken in by the word „GAURANTEED“. It’s just another way to cause you to trust certain companies or individuals. Remember, its all a ploy to get your hard-earned cash!

Therefore , I suggest you do a search and read about the opportunity you are interested in joining. Once you get positive feedback then make an informed decision. Remember jumping into an offer without knowledge can be costly as well as frustrating. And yes, I’m aware some Online Coaches are recommending you use those above methods to make money, but you should only use the ones which are valid and apply to you. If you have a limited stock then its quite alright to state that claim. Again apply your intelligence and wisdom before rushing to pull out your credit card out and grabbing the next red-hot incentive. And also be aware, honest businesses desire to make money and retain their customers, not cheat them and lose their current ones. Building a flourishing business is just that, maintaining the customers you have along with cultivating additional one to keep expanding your company.

I wish you all the success in the world and I thank you for reading my blog. Again I appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you fellow Prospects…

23 Sep

Written by: ShelliMonét Newbolt

This is a special blog to extend a heartfelt thanks to the 489 people who sent me emails regarding securing their copy of “How you too can become a Money Sponge”.    Those messages really uplifted and inspired me to continue on with my goal of helping others to tap into their greatness.  There have been many individuals who have inquired about the methods I’m using to create success so I thought I would take some time out to construct a brief blog.

For those who have not yet got their copy of “How you too can become a Money Sponge” just go to .  As for the other invaluable resource which are assisting me in positively changing lives.  I highly recommend Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, .  Dillard’s direct approach is useful in all aspects of life it doesn’t only apply to building a milion dollar Online network it goes quite deeper than that.  Also, I have re-read over 10 times  „The Power of the praying woman“  written by:  Stormie Omartian, which I can’t seem to stop suggesting that all women read because its a great example of how God uses women to achieve amazing quest.  In additional to the following:

„Prayers that avail much“            By: Germaine Copeland

„The Spirit To Serve“                      By:  JW Marriott Jnr

„Stanley The Millionaire Mind“  By: Thomas J Stanley

The Millionaire Next Door“       By Thomas J. Stanley, Ph. D. and William D. Danko, Ph. D.

Jim Rohn’s  magazíne

I used many tools to help me with reaching my goals and one of the most important is daily prayer with my international prayer group.  Prayer and exercise keeps me centered on what’s at hand and it pushes to assidiously work to assist those who are driven to acheive their dreams and to cheerfully provide for my family.

Therefore, I want much success for all who take a leap of faith to turn their dreams into reality.

Again, thank you for reading my blogs and I desire to keep on providing your enlightening details which are

helpful to your unlimited success.

3 Tools to Jump Start Your Online Business… And Yield Profits…

14 Aug

                                                                                    Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

When venturing out in setting-up your new Online business there are a few helpful hints which will enable you to receive a high volume of:

 Web traffic,

 Attract more prospects and

Increase your recruiting results

 I’ve complied a list of some of the most effective marketing tools and that I believe will assist you in your Online endeavors. 

First of all you have to be aware of what type of prospects you want to draw to you.  Identifying who’s your target market is essential for your business’ success.

Second, do research and target the area(s) which your prospects desire great change(s).  Such as the following:

  Need: to become financially stable, get out of debt or re-own your life you must do xyz… 

 Desire:  To build a strong Online business, recruit and sponsor more people to increase your Home based business in order to profit.

 Solution:  Providing the prospect with what he/she wants. 

Third, here are just a few suggestions of which companies I’ve learn some beneficial marketing tools from:

ü  Magnetic Sponsoring  (Mike Dillard’s)

His approach is commanding and forthright.

ü  The Renegade Professional (Mike Klingler’s step-by-step assistance helps you learn the ends and outs of attraction marketing…the pro’s and con’s)

ü  The Richest Man in Babylon (George S. Clason)

This book teaches key principles about growing money and saving it.

ü  Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

This great read taps into a variety of essentials regarding wealth building.  This is a must read!  When you’re serious about creating wealth you should take the time to increase your self worth by reading this particular book.

ü  Awaken the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins);

I read this book when I was in high school and it literally altered the way I look at life in all aspects.

ü  The One Minute Millionaire (M.V.Hansen and R.G. Allen)

What can I say, this is another book which I have read over and over again, because it offers so much insight on how important it is to build and secure wealth in order to truly live your divine purpose which you were born to do.

ü  The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)

This is another book which I fell in love with while I was a teenager.  However, I didn’t completely grasp the whole point until I became an adult. 

I‘ve re-read this book more than 6 times and it always seems to inspire me to work more and know that I can and will succeed.  I hope it does the same for you.  

The above list is merely a handful of books and programs which I believe to be worth investing in.  Those books have laid part of my business foundation, along with countless others which includes The Bible and many more books which deal with character enhancement.  Therefore, I’m fully convinced, one cannot interest others in a product or service if he/she is not confidence and his/her self.  You see, each book that I selected, taps into possessing a “right” character in order to achieve any of one’s goals.

I’ll leave you with this quote which always causes me to ponder because I have found it to be absolute truth in my life.

“He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” (2 Corinthians 9:6)

Again thank you for reading my blog and I wish you much success and happiness in all your goals.