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You MUST do the thing you think you cannot do

25 May

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“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought it was quite befitting to start this blog off with a quote that echo’s current day concerns. With the state of our global economy being unstable, jobs are few and in between for some; yet there are a select few who continues to strive (making ton’s of money and haven’t skipped a beat) despite what CNN and The BBC seems to be reporting on the World New there are a handful of people becoming wealthy millionaires as a result of this financial climate.

So, just ask yourself…does WallStreet’s daily stock analysis truly reflect financial statics/data? Many may be uncertain and others will question it altogether? Maybe because, some individuals are aware, after the 1929 Great Depression the most millionaires within the U.S. were ever created. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone who holds a dream near to his/her heart, that with perseverance, proper research, tremendous faith, confidence and an unshakeable perception of what you determine most to accomplish, it can and will manifest once deciding that you are going to achieve it.

You see, money, success, health and peace of mind can be obtained. You must figure how badly do you want to alter your circumstances. Afterward, conceive which path to pursue;  Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing, MLM, Creating a Home-based Internet Business, Writing an Ebook, Investing in Stocks and Bonds, or beginning a Traditional Business to become financially secure. Now think about it. There is a Chinese Proverbs which say’s… “When the student is ready the teacher will appears.”

Are you ready to work toward manifesting your dream/purpose in order to cultivate as well as live an extremely fruitful life? Keeping in mind, it takes enormous strength, effort and time to achieve. If you’re not sure what you want at this point I’ll leave you with this…

Napoleon Hill was approached by Andrew Carnegie about constructing a how-to manual/book about rich men(such as: Henry Ford, The Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s just to name a few) of the early 1900’s and how they generated their significant wealth. Hill, was instructed to spend 25 years doing extension research in order to put together an accurate description of how one might become rich. He complied and three years prior to The Great Depression his book Think and Grow Rich was published.

Frankly, I am aware of what those individuals read before experiencing a paralyzing financial depression. Th believer the content severely changed their way of thinking and speaking. Their minds were altered to such a degree that it sustains along with motivated those people to take action even in the center of great financial uncertainty. Let me ask you a question…today, wouldn’t you like to take action to set the balls in motion in your life to come out ahead?


The Naked Truth about Advertising Online….

9 Aug

Written by: ShelliMonét Newbolt

The reality of it is that Marketing Online is not easy. It takes a lot of time and

enormous resources to successfully reap a great harvest. After reading and

studying many publications on how to properly execute what I had read,

quickly, I realized how much knowledge is involved in order to greatly profit

Online. And to be frank, I don’t know too many people who are willing to

commit to the level of devotion which is mandatory to generate wealth Online.

Well, according to many professional marketers expanding either your Internet

or MLM business is quite simple if you follow their advice or rules for doing

so. Well I’m here to tell you its not that cut and dry as it may seem. Honestly,

if you desire to only earn an extra couple of hundred dollars per month than

it’s not so difficult, but if your goal is to become financially solvent then it takes

an abundance of effort to achieve financial stability.

After reading Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, it confirmed my belief about

what is achievable and how dedicated one must be in order to secure significant

profits Online. Please don’t get me wrong, its doable and the sacrifices

required a small compared to the enormous rewards which follows. I merely

want you to be aware of, you must be up for the challenges that are expected of

you. For instances: the sleepless nights, manually renewing Online ads three or

four times per day, checking and replying to multiple emails, returning potential

prospects call and viewing several webinars per week to keep up with the

constant Online changes. Not to mention, continually studying and reading

additional wealth building books which are crucial in comprehending business

strategies along with confidently knowing how to apply those methods to what

you’re marketing or selling Online.

Therefore, I want you to keep in mind three invaluable points.

  • First, you’re capable of obtaining enormous wealth and living the life

which you have always desired. Once you realize your goal is

tangible, you must create a workable plan in which you          intend to

reach it. Remember to remain focused and visualize yourself living

in abundance.

  • Second, watch what you concentrate on and what you allow yourself

to listen to. Submerge yourself in a quest for knowledge and be

selective of who you associate with. Keep in mind, you have to

remain centered on achieving your goal at hand. Therefore, pessimistic

individuals will cause you to question your efforts and hinder your


  • Third, Money and holds a great responsibility, and acquiring it comes

with a huge price. The dedication involved to earn it will continue

once you have gained great success and prosperity. Yes, the methods

of building wealth become easier because you now know how to run

a prosperous business, but concentration and persistence are still a

daily requirement in continue to climb and maintain your financial


Basically, to sum it up, running an Online Home Based business is not a game

or hobby it’s an actual means of earning substantial profits which can and will

positively alter your life for the long term. Therefore, I strongly suggest you do your homework and know you’re a hundred percent capable of succeeding.  If you haven’t been fully committed to your business today start afresh and be consistent with your level of involvement. And stop just talking about your dreams turn them into reality!