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You MUST do the thing you think you cannot do

25 May

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“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

I thought it was quite befitting to start this blog off with a quote that echo’s current day concerns. With the state of our global economy being unstable, jobs are few and in between for some; yet there are a select few who continues to strive (making ton’s of money and haven’t skipped a beat) despite what CNN and The BBC seems to be reporting on the World New there are a handful of people becoming wealthy millionaires as a result of this financial climate.

So, just ask yourself…does WallStreet’s daily stock analysis truly reflect financial statics/data? Many may be uncertain and others will question it altogether? Maybe because, some individuals are aware, after the 1929 Great Depression the most millionaires within the U.S. were ever created. Therefore, I want to encourage everyone who holds a dream near to his/her heart, that with perseverance, proper research, tremendous faith, confidence and an unshakeable perception of what you determine most to accomplish, it can and will manifest once deciding that you are going to achieve it.

You see, money, success, health and peace of mind can be obtained. You must figure how badly do you want to alter your circumstances. Afterward, conceive which path to pursue;  Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing, MLM, Creating a Home-based Internet Business, Writing an Ebook, Investing in Stocks and Bonds, or beginning a Traditional Business to become financially secure. Now think about it. There is a Chinese Proverbs which say’s… “When the student is ready the teacher will appears.”

Are you ready to work toward manifesting your dream/purpose in order to cultivate as well as live an extremely fruitful life? Keeping in mind, it takes enormous strength, effort and time to achieve. If you’re not sure what you want at this point I’ll leave you with this…

Napoleon Hill was approached by Andrew Carnegie about constructing a how-to manual/book about rich men(such as: Henry Ford, The Rockefeller’s and Vanderbilt’s just to name a few) of the early 1900’s and how they generated their significant wealth. Hill, was instructed to spend 25 years doing extension research in order to put together an accurate description of how one might become rich. He complied and three years prior to The Great Depression his book Think and Grow Rich was published.

Frankly, I am aware of what those individuals read before experiencing a paralyzing financial depression. Th believer the content severely changed their way of thinking and speaking. Their minds were altered to such a degree that it sustains along with motivated those people to take action even in the center of great financial uncertainty. Let me ask you a question…today, wouldn’t you like to take action to set the balls in motion in your life to come out ahead?


Confidence…Do you have what it takes to achieve wealth?

23 Sep

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

As I have observed many successful people, one common characteristic which they share is possessing a high level of self confidence.  This quailty of esteeming themselves in a way which others can admire as well as follow is essential in all areas of life.  Some believe its just relevant when it comes to business and marketing, but I’ve found that it helps in every aspect of life.

Have you noticed that confident individuals tend to be more optimistic toward life?  They problem solve differently and seem to look at the glass as half full instead of the reverse.  Well I’m sure you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with creating wealth.  You see, making money to merely get by is one thing, but to truly step out on blind faith and dare to cultivate a six figure income is another.  Self assured people are not easily discouraged and usually accomplish what they set out to pursue.  Most perceive rejection as an opportunity to continue to refine themselves, unlike pessimistic individuals who experience a few let downs and immediately retreat for the bottle or curse the world including God and continue to question every aspect of their lives.  As we are aware, circumstances occurs in all of our lives and we usually bounce back from most obstacles which some refer to as problems.  However, looking at a situation in a negative view only delays our blessings and clouds a sensible resolution.

In my study of confident individuals, I watched a couple films which I really like and one in particular (“Little Miss Sunshine”) absolutely depicts a character who is pretending to be assured and his job is to coach others into creating wealth, but his low self worth prevents him from doing so.  However, he believes contrary and continues on in a state of  frustration and failure.  His illusion of being an authority figure who others want to follow is almost laughable.  His unconventional family outright disobeys his rules and views him and his wealth building program as annoying instead of encouraging.

After repeatedly watching that funny but depressing film, I realized there are a great deal of individuals walking around hoping to become wealthy, but they honesty don’t know who they are and lack much needed confidence.

Now, let me ask you a question…

Would you follow a person who doesn’t possess self worth?

One who surely does not believe in what he/she is teaching, selling or developing? Of course not.  How is he/she going to coach you into becoming a powerhouse if they’re cottage? Its obvious to recognize an individual that has little or no esteem; you can hear it in the pitch of their voice, see it in their attire, appearance and notice it in their uncertain body language.

I know there are countless Online money making programs on the Internet promising to make you rich with a click of a button, but the reality of it all…no one can and do succeed in becoming a six figure earner who lacks assurance, it just doesn’t happen.  Why? Because we attract positives toward us by the words we say and the thoughts we dwell upon and the same can be said regarding the opposite.  Ask yourself can a pessimistic person fully execute and follow through with drawing optimistic results toward him/her?  Think about those people who are constant complainers and ongoing naggers…how would they create a desirable stream of wealth?  The answer is they wouldn’t.  Successful individuals must be teachable and willing to duplicate the efforts of others who they aspire to be like.  This action in its self requires much discipline and a great deal of time to achieve the same results.  Don’t you see  building a profitable fortune takes a lot of wisdom, time and energy.  If it didn’t everyone who desires to be wealthy would achieve their dream.  Also keep in mind esteemed individual dare to take great risk in order to gain prosperity. The reason being, most don’t entertain the thought of falling short or failing.  Instead, they concentrate on the end result of achievement.  And this can only be accomplished by surrounding yourself with optimistic goal oriented people who don’t operate by a desperate spirit which only leads to fear and failing.  You know the ones who walk in defeat and when someone has a good idea immediately they utter some sabotaging words in attempt to hinder constructive progress of someone else.

Let me ask you another question…

What does prosperous iconic people like Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Oprah, President Obama and Tony Robbins (just to name a few) have that you don’t?  The answer is absolutely NOTHING!  You see, all of the above are confident individuals who have made the world embrace their talents and skills.  They are not any different than you and me.  People listen to them, purchase their goods and services because they project expertise and assurance, so we perceive them to be knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Its all in the way of packaging and presentation how others see you.  Therefore, when you sell/market an item or service Online your confidence must shine through to set you apart from the others (take your time to select your words to make sure they are positive ones. For example: don‘t use IF instead use ARE. When you begin with „ARE YOU“ its a call to action word and IF create doubt).  Your focus should be on providing quality products or services, not on selling rubbish in order to make a fast buck.  Remember your prospects are intelligent and they can see through the garbage and as a result you lose a potential customer or client.  Indeed, if your objective is to expand your Online presence to build a long-term customer base than quality is everything!

Now you should decide do you have what it takes to command ultimate wealth in your life?  If the answer is absolutely…then take the ball and run with it.  And start by observing confident people and reading as many books as you can on assurance and success. Start with adjusting your posture and walking with your shoulders errect, speaking uplifting words which carry power, giving the person you’re talking to direkt eye contact, educating yourself on your product which you are selling, maintaining a eye-catching appearance and knowing your expertise is valuable to the world so other not only want to purchase your product but most of all they need it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog on confidence and I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback.

And I wish for you all great success in all your efforts!

3 Tools to Jump Start Your Online Business… And Yield Profits…

14 Aug

                                                                                    Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

When venturing out in setting-up your new Online business there are a few helpful hints which will enable you to receive a high volume of:

 Web traffic,

 Attract more prospects and

Increase your recruiting results

 I’ve complied a list of some of the most effective marketing tools and that I believe will assist you in your Online endeavors. 

First of all you have to be aware of what type of prospects you want to draw to you.  Identifying who’s your target market is essential for your business’ success.

Second, do research and target the area(s) which your prospects desire great change(s).  Such as the following:

  Need: to become financially stable, get out of debt or re-own your life you must do xyz… 

 Desire:  To build a strong Online business, recruit and sponsor more people to increase your Home based business in order to profit.

 Solution:  Providing the prospect with what he/she wants. 

Third, here are just a few suggestions of which companies I’ve learn some beneficial marketing tools from:

ü  Magnetic Sponsoring  (Mike Dillard’s)

His approach is commanding and forthright.

ü  The Renegade Professional (Mike Klingler’s step-by-step assistance helps you learn the ends and outs of attraction marketing…the pro’s and con’s)

ü  The Richest Man in Babylon (George S. Clason)

This book teaches key principles about growing money and saving it.

ü  Think and Grow Rich (Napoleon Hill)

This great read taps into a variety of essentials regarding wealth building.  This is a must read!  When you’re serious about creating wealth you should take the time to increase your self worth by reading this particular book.

ü  Awaken the Giant Within (Anthony Robbins);

I read this book when I was in high school and it literally altered the way I look at life in all aspects.

ü  The One Minute Millionaire (M.V.Hansen and R.G. Allen)

What can I say, this is another book which I have read over and over again, because it offers so much insight on how important it is to build and secure wealth in order to truly live your divine purpose which you were born to do.

ü  The Grapes of Wrath (John Steinbeck)

This is another book which I fell in love with while I was a teenager.  However, I didn’t completely grasp the whole point until I became an adult. 

I‘ve re-read this book more than 6 times and it always seems to inspire me to work more and know that I can and will succeed.  I hope it does the same for you.  

The above list is merely a handful of books and programs which I believe to be worth investing in.  Those books have laid part of my business foundation, along with countless others which includes The Bible and many more books which deal with character enhancement.  Therefore, I’m fully convinced, one cannot interest others in a product or service if he/she is not confidence and his/her self.  You see, each book that I selected, taps into possessing a “right” character in order to achieve any of one’s goals.

I’ll leave you with this quote which always causes me to ponder because I have found it to be absolute truth in my life.

“He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.” (2 Corinthians 9:6)

Again thank you for reading my blog and I wish you much success and happiness in all your goals.

Success Online Requires a Balance of Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit!

14 Aug

                                                                 Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

On your road to wealth you must be certain to feed your mind, body, soul and spirit positives.  It’s not enough to just want to acquire wealth.  Building any great fortune requires constant pursue and much effort in order to do so.  And one area which I’ve noticed which has been lacking is physical and spiritual health.  The amount of diligent work needed to achieve an enormous task involves long hours of thinking and executing what you have pondered and learned to turn it into vast profits.  Therefore, I decided to provide you with some tips to ensure you perform in a state of optimal balance.   

Let’s begin with your mind it needs ongoing food for thought.  You should read not only business books and articles, but a variety of publications which offers a range of knowledge on various subjects which you are also interested in.  Such as books which focus on your hobbies and other interest.   Also puzzles are a great mental exercise to cultivate new ideas and thoughts.

I’m sure you know the benefits of including exercise into your daily routine, nonetheless how many do so?  If you’re one of those individuals with a never-ending schedule and it seems like you can’t find an hour for physical fitness, then you must stop and exhale.  Let’s face it, you’re more productive when you either take a vacation or exercise.  Not to mention the internal positives of strengthening your body increasing your creativeness.  By no means am I suggesting you hit the gym for two hours per day.  I’m simply recommending that you walk, ride your bike or run for at least 45 minutes five days per week.  This is your uninterrupted time to concentrate on what’s at hand and attempt to find solutions or pray and/or meditate. 

Along with a good exercise schedule you need to add healthy foods into the equation in order to find a balance.  I strong suggest, eliminating all forms of sugars. (Glucose and fructose only deplete your energy and causes you to be less productive.  Yes, initially it gives you a boost of energy then it quickly drops you.)  Increase your water intake to only 6 glasses of water per day.  Keeping in mind, your body receives water from a various foods and beverages which you consume.  Drinking too much water can be hard on the kidneys and they can become very saturated.  Also try and reduce the amount of meat which you eat per week.  It takes our bodies a lot of energy to digest meat (red meat 7 days) and it can reduce our life span.  Beside, it’s better for the planet when we consume less meat. 

Okay now that I have recommended what you should avoid, now I’ll tell you what’s helpful.  Drinking 2 glasses of red wine is benefit for your heart and assist in aiding your Immune System.  If you’re struggling with high cholesterol, eat grape skins and it’ll immediate decrease it.  Also incorporate into your daily diet, the consumption of the following:

 Cinnamon (a spice which originally came from a tree in China)
This spice I use daily.  It can be useful in eliminating colds, stopping diarrhea, antioxidant, antimicrobial, improving appearance and treating a multitude of other conditions and sicknesses.
• Ginger Root (an herb which origin is France and Greece) this has great benefits for women.  Helps with the following: constipation, colic, gastoparesis, gallstones, blood thinning, lowers cholesterol, heart disease, diarrhea, nausea, motion sickness, PMS and improves skin complexion along with a lot more.

• Pomegrante (Origin Iran) the Chinese consider this to be a miracle fruit.  I’m quite fond of this fruit and I eat it in salads, tea, soups etc.  It assists with the following: free-radials, heart disease, cardiovasular disease, dental plaque, antioxidant, cleans out the liver, kidney disease, prostate cancer and reducing acne.

• Oregano or It is sometimes called Wild Marjoram (this herbs comes from Mediteranean) I use this herb on a daily basis as well.  Its one of the ingredients used to make antibiotics.  It helps with the following:  antioxidant, flavonoids, colds, flu’s, fevers, indigestion, PMS, fungal infections and stomach problems.

• Cloves (origin Indonesia) it’s also one of the key components in making antibiotics.  I usually make a tea with Oregano and Cloves at least three times per week in order to promote wellness within my body.  Cloves are not just for preparing tasty ham…it does a whole lot more.  Such as: lowers tooth pain, digestive, stomach, kidneys, spleen problems and takes away a hiccough. 

• Chlorophyll (it’s a green pigment which derives from plants and algae.  The name is from the Greek language which means, Chloros (green) and Phyllon (leaf).  Dr. Guy Van Elsacker and other scientist along with my mother-in-law and I believe Chlorophyll to be among the best forms of nutrition for ones body.  It helps cells to get more oxygen and reproduce more exact causing one to have more energy and feel relaxed.  Not to mention the many others enhancements.  Like the following:  fighting against Thyroid disease, aiding in quitting smoking and reducing cancer cells.

• Stop using non-stick pans and pots to prepare your food in. The old fashion iron pans which your grandmother used are the best.  It doesn’t have any added chemicals which goes into your foods while cooking.

• Absolutely don’t use a microwave to reheat your food or to cook in.  In science we use microwaves to disinfect items.  So it kills all of the valuable nutrients in your foods, leaving you to ingest empty foods.

• If you’re one of those American’s who washes your dishes with bleach immediate stop!  The residue is left on your dishes and your ingesting it which come be lowering your Immune System.  Along with creating other health problems. (Note:  I stated the above, because I reside in Europe and my European friends and acquaintance seemed to be much healthier and they think we American kill too bacteria’s causing us to suffer from a variety of allergies, colds, flu’s and other conditions.) Therefore, realize some bacteria are good for us and it helps to strengthen our bodies.

• Don’t use plastic wraps to cover your foods or to reheat your foods in.  The chemical which constitute those wraps are going into your foods.

• Stop bathing or showering daily. You’re washing away your natural oils and decreasing your Immune System.  Instead wash-up daily (only the vital areas).  Not to mention your skin is being dried out.

• Daily find ways to create laughter.  Your cells love it.

• Avoid pessimistic people, they’ll bring your mood and joy for life down.  Attempt to surround yourself with optimistic individuals who are goal oriented.

• Daily search for ways to do something nice for another.  Such as: smiling at another, buying a stranger a cup of coffee, praying for someone else groceries, sharing a meal with your neighbor, sharing your fruit from your garden with others, praying for others on a regular basis, etc. 

I chose the most important herbs, spices and fruits which I have received substantial results from.  Of course, there are a few others which are essential to include in your diet as well.  Nonetheless, the above group, are the ones which Dr. Guy Van Elsacker and I feel are quite necessary for over health and to prevent certain conditions and diseases.  I strongly suggest you contact your nutritionist of physician if you experience any allergic reactions or complications.  This information is simply a resource it’s not intended to diagnosis or treat by no means. 

Now, depending on person to person the definition of ones soul can vary.  I on the other hand consider it to be the essence of who I am.  The soul is quite important to me and therefore I pray and read inspiring spiritual books and my Bible.  I believe this topic is very private and I don’t feel comfortable suggesting how you should treat your soul, because each person must define it for themselves.  However, if you do want to know more about what I do then just email me and I’ll be happy to provide you with titles of books and exercises which I use on a daily basis.
One’s spirit is the unique element which makes them who they are, the colorful characteristics evident to others when they describe another person.  For instance: many refer to me as an optimistic individual.  Honesty, I take no credit for my personality, I perceive God has made me into the person who I’m meant to be.  And with daily exercise I can become a better individual with each passing day.  I see us all as imperfect people on a constant uphill journey to improve and develop into the best human beings we are capable of being.

After you have read about balance I’m certain you’re wondering what all of this has to do with obtaining wealth.  Well I’m here to tell you, it’s very relevant and each component compliments the other.  For example:  appearance is a key in approaching new prospects.  You wouldn’t go up to someone who you are interesting explaining your business venture to dress inappropriately.  Initially, people look at the way you present yourself and then listen to what you’re saying.  When you pronounce your words correctly and formulate intelligent statements and questions they hear as well as see your confident demeanor.

You see, your attitude reflects the state of your body.  When you are feeling well, you smile more and you’re full of energy.  Your mind is clear and centered on your objectives, resulting in your confidence to accomplish whatever you have set out to achieve. 
I hope my blog has given you some helpful resources which you can quickly apply to your life.  Thank you again for timing the time out of your busy schedule to read this informative blog. 

To your constant and ongoing success!

The Naked Truth about Advertising Online….

9 Aug

Written by: ShelliMonét Newbolt

The reality of it is that Marketing Online is not easy. It takes a lot of time and

enormous resources to successfully reap a great harvest. After reading and

studying many publications on how to properly execute what I had read,

quickly, I realized how much knowledge is involved in order to greatly profit

Online. And to be frank, I don’t know too many people who are willing to

commit to the level of devotion which is mandatory to generate wealth Online.

Well, according to many professional marketers expanding either your Internet

or MLM business is quite simple if you follow their advice or rules for doing

so. Well I’m here to tell you its not that cut and dry as it may seem. Honestly,

if you desire to only earn an extra couple of hundred dollars per month than

it’s not so difficult, but if your goal is to become financially solvent then it takes

an abundance of effort to achieve financial stability.

After reading Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, it confirmed my belief about

what is achievable and how dedicated one must be in order to secure significant

profits Online. Please don’t get me wrong, its doable and the sacrifices

required a small compared to the enormous rewards which follows. I merely

want you to be aware of, you must be up for the challenges that are expected of

you. For instances: the sleepless nights, manually renewing Online ads three or

four times per day, checking and replying to multiple emails, returning potential

prospects call and viewing several webinars per week to keep up with the

constant Online changes. Not to mention, continually studying and reading

additional wealth building books which are crucial in comprehending business

strategies along with confidently knowing how to apply those methods to what

you’re marketing or selling Online.

Therefore, I want you to keep in mind three invaluable points.

  • First, you’re capable of obtaining enormous wealth and living the life

which you have always desired. Once you realize your goal is

tangible, you must create a workable plan in which you          intend to

reach it. Remember to remain focused and visualize yourself living

in abundance.

  • Second, watch what you concentrate on and what you allow yourself

to listen to. Submerge yourself in a quest for knowledge and be

selective of who you associate with. Keep in mind, you have to

remain centered on achieving your goal at hand. Therefore, pessimistic

individuals will cause you to question your efforts and hinder your


  • Third, Money and holds a great responsibility, and acquiring it comes

with a huge price. The dedication involved to earn it will continue

once you have gained great success and prosperity. Yes, the methods

of building wealth become easier because you now know how to run

a prosperous business, but concentration and persistence are still a

daily requirement in continue to climb and maintain your financial


Basically, to sum it up, running an Online Home Based business is not a game

or hobby it’s an actual means of earning substantial profits which can and will

positively alter your life for the long term. Therefore, I strongly suggest you do your homework and know you’re a hundred percent capable of succeeding.  If you haven’t been fully committed to your business today start afresh and be consistent with your level of involvement. And stop just talking about your dreams turn them into reality!

Ongoing personal enhancement…

8 Aug

We want to assist you with cultivating your business endeavors.