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Money: The Last Taboo! And Why Many don’t have it! (This was written over a hundred years ago….)

14 Dec

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

“I say that you ought to get rich, and it is your duty to get rich.”
How many of my pious brethren say to me, ‘Do you, a Christian
minister, spend your time going up and down the country
advising young people to get rich, to get money?’  “yes, of
course I do.”

They say, “Isn’t that awful!  Why don’t you preach the gospel
instead of preaching about man’s making money?”  Because
to make money honestly is to preach the gospel.  That is the
reason.  The men who get rich may be the most honest men
you find in the community.

“Oh, “but say some young man here tonight, “I have been
told all my life that if a person has money he is very
dishonest and dishonorable and mean and contemptible.”
My friend, that is the reason why you have none, because
you have that idea of people.  The foundation of your faith
is altogether false,  Let me say here clearly… ninety-eight out
of one hundred of the rich men (and women) of America are
honest.  That is why they are rich.  That is why they are
trusted with money.  That is why they carry on great enterprises
and find plenty of people to work with them.

Say another young man, “I hear sometimes of men that get
millions of dollars dishonestly.”  Yes, of course you do, and so do
I.  But they are so rare a thing in fact that the newspapers talk
about them all the time as a matter of news until you get the
idea that all the other rich men got rich dishonestly.

My friend, you…drive me …out into the suburbs of Philadelphia,
and introduce me to the people who own their homes around
this great city, those beautiful homes with gardens and flowers,
those magnificent homes so lovely in their are, and I will introduce
you to the very best people in character as well as in enterprise
in our city…They that own their homes are made more honorable
and honest and pure, and true and economical and careful, by
owning the(m).

We preach against covetousness…in the pulpit…and use the
terms…”filthy lucre” so extremely that Christians get the idea that…
it is wicked for any man to have money.  Money is POWER, and
you ought to be reasonably ambitious to have it!  You ought to
because you can do more good with it than you could do without it.
Money printed your Bibles, money builds your churches, money sends
your missionaries, and money pays your preachers…I say, then, you
ought to have money.  If you can honestly attain unto riches…it is your
…godly duty to do so.  It is an awful mistake of these pious people to
think you must be awfully poor in order to be pious.”

Russell H. Conwell, Acres of Diamonds

I took this passage from “The One Minute Millionaire”  to encourage
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All the best to you!

Confidence…Do you have what it takes to achieve wealth?

23 Sep

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

As I have observed many successful people, one common characteristic which they share is possessing a high level of self confidence.  This quailty of esteeming themselves in a way which others can admire as well as follow is essential in all areas of life.  Some believe its just relevant when it comes to business and marketing, but I’ve found that it helps in every aspect of life.

Have you noticed that confident individuals tend to be more optimistic toward life?  They problem solve differently and seem to look at the glass as half full instead of the reverse.  Well I’m sure you’re probably wondering what this all has to do with creating wealth.  You see, making money to merely get by is one thing, but to truly step out on blind faith and dare to cultivate a six figure income is another.  Self assured people are not easily discouraged and usually accomplish what they set out to pursue.  Most perceive rejection as an opportunity to continue to refine themselves, unlike pessimistic individuals who experience a few let downs and immediately retreat for the bottle or curse the world including God and continue to question every aspect of their lives.  As we are aware, circumstances occurs in all of our lives and we usually bounce back from most obstacles which some refer to as problems.  However, looking at a situation in a negative view only delays our blessings and clouds a sensible resolution.

In my study of confident individuals, I watched a couple films which I really like and one in particular (“Little Miss Sunshine”) absolutely depicts a character who is pretending to be assured and his job is to coach others into creating wealth, but his low self worth prevents him from doing so.  However, he believes contrary and continues on in a state of  frustration and failure.  His illusion of being an authority figure who others want to follow is almost laughable.  His unconventional family outright disobeys his rules and views him and his wealth building program as annoying instead of encouraging.

After repeatedly watching that funny but depressing film, I realized there are a great deal of individuals walking around hoping to become wealthy, but they honesty don’t know who they are and lack much needed confidence.

Now, let me ask you a question…

Would you follow a person who doesn’t possess self worth?

One who surely does not believe in what he/she is teaching, selling or developing? Of course not.  How is he/she going to coach you into becoming a powerhouse if they’re cottage? Its obvious to recognize an individual that has little or no esteem; you can hear it in the pitch of their voice, see it in their attire, appearance and notice it in their uncertain body language.

I know there are countless Online money making programs on the Internet promising to make you rich with a click of a button, but the reality of it all…no one can and do succeed in becoming a six figure earner who lacks assurance, it just doesn’t happen.  Why? Because we attract positives toward us by the words we say and the thoughts we dwell upon and the same can be said regarding the opposite.  Ask yourself can a pessimistic person fully execute and follow through with drawing optimistic results toward him/her?  Think about those people who are constant complainers and ongoing naggers…how would they create a desirable stream of wealth?  The answer is they wouldn’t.  Successful individuals must be teachable and willing to duplicate the efforts of others who they aspire to be like.  This action in its self requires much discipline and a great deal of time to achieve the same results.  Don’t you see  building a profitable fortune takes a lot of wisdom, time and energy.  If it didn’t everyone who desires to be wealthy would achieve their dream.  Also keep in mind esteemed individual dare to take great risk in order to gain prosperity. The reason being, most don’t entertain the thought of falling short or failing.  Instead, they concentrate on the end result of achievement.  And this can only be accomplished by surrounding yourself with optimistic goal oriented people who don’t operate by a desperate spirit which only leads to fear and failing.  You know the ones who walk in defeat and when someone has a good idea immediately they utter some sabotaging words in attempt to hinder constructive progress of someone else.

Let me ask you another question…

What does prosperous iconic people like Bill Gates, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Oprah, President Obama and Tony Robbins (just to name a few) have that you don’t?  The answer is absolutely NOTHING!  You see, all of the above are confident individuals who have made the world embrace their talents and skills.  They are not any different than you and me.  People listen to them, purchase their goods and services because they project expertise and assurance, so we perceive them to be knowledgeable and trustworthy.  Its all in the way of packaging and presentation how others see you.  Therefore, when you sell/market an item or service Online your confidence must shine through to set you apart from the others (take your time to select your words to make sure they are positive ones. For example: don‘t use IF instead use ARE. When you begin with „ARE YOU“ its a call to action word and IF create doubt).  Your focus should be on providing quality products or services, not on selling rubbish in order to make a fast buck.  Remember your prospects are intelligent and they can see through the garbage and as a result you lose a potential customer or client.  Indeed, if your objective is to expand your Online presence to build a long-term customer base than quality is everything!

Now you should decide do you have what it takes to command ultimate wealth in your life?  If the answer is absolutely…then take the ball and run with it.  And start by observing confident people and reading as many books as you can on assurance and success. Start with adjusting your posture and walking with your shoulders errect, speaking uplifting words which carry power, giving the person you’re talking to direkt eye contact, educating yourself on your product which you are selling, maintaining a eye-catching appearance and knowing your expertise is valuable to the world so other not only want to purchase your product but most of all they need it!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog on confidence and I’m looking forward to receiving your feedback.

And I wish for you all great success in all your efforts!