The 3 Secrets of attracting people to you and your business…

Written by:  ShelliMonét Newbolt

For many network marketers the lack of current knowledge may be hindering your success in attracting quality distributors and gathering loyal customers.  Have you taken a moment to question why?  Are you experiencing a decline in motivation?  If so, your methods of approach may be the reason. 

In this fast an ever expanding world, the rules of Online marketing and selling are constantly evolving.   So you must adjust your strategies to accommodate those changes.   I’d like to just take a few minutes of your time, to share with you three key essentials geared to fuel your Online presence, enabling you to generate a greater competitive advantage by exercising the following:

  • Confidence,
  • Expanding your knowledge and
  • Consideration


Begin with increasing your thinking to exceed far beyond your business. Let me say that again, think beyond your business.  Decide on a charity and/or an individual in which you would like to either tithe ten percent of your time or donate a portion of earnings.  I’m sure right about now, you’ll probably wondering why I would suggest such a thing.  And you may be thinking to yourself what does this have to do with network marketing.  Well that’s a good question, because it has more than you think to do with attraction marketing and growing your Online business.  There are two reasons I recommended you volunteer or tithe.

Firstly, when you help others your self worth immediately increases.  Which enables you to preform at a much higher level, elevating your productivity. 

Secondly, conducting yourself in a way which displays self assurance naturally draws like-minded individuals towards you.  As a result, most people tend to not only believe confident people, they automatically feel a sense of control and trust.  And again, you’re probably wondering where I’m going with all of this… Well once you have gained your prospects faith, it opens the door for you to provide them with quality information, products and/or services. You have won them over with your high self-esteem and from now on you’re their go to guy or gal. 

Expanding your knowledge:

In addition to confidence you must continuously study and be on top of the latest trends in the industry.  Not only knowing about what’s going on, but able to convey details to your team as well your prospects. Remember education is a journey not a destination.  We must diligently strive to increase our worth through a pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and experience. 

Preparation is crucial when commanding your vocabulary and confidently explaining the process to a new distributors or speaking with a prospect.  If you lack information and you’re not prepared it reflects in your tone of voice, your presentation and body gestures.  In other words, your behavior sends the message, you’re not trustworthy.  You see, a leader on the other hand, strolls into a room and commands presence.  He or she is most definitely well organized and time is of the essence.  Everything is valued and wasting time is money. So, don’t rush any aspect of your business, take your time in order to receive a positive result.


Consideration is one of those words some seem to causally over-look.  Well in business it’s essentials to be mindful of others, especially your customers, prospects and distributors.  Simply once you leave a bad taste in one’s mouth it hard to erase the residue.  And an unhappy individual spreads negativity quite quickly, which could adversely impact your business or damage potential sales.  Therefore, keeping you word, providing true value, possessing intrigue and honoring your word should be mandatory when building and maintaining a profitable business.

I want to you to really think about, what I’m about to share with you.  Confidence is your bait, which reels in prospects and/or distributors.  Education is your boat to uphold you and consideration is your anchor to sustain you.   Keep in mind all three of these elements goes hand in hand to guarantee good success in your Online business.  Also be cognizant of, if you’re not fully committed to dedicating all of your time to building your business, it’ll remain less fruitful, because a profitable business requires a hundred percent commitment.

Thank you for your time and I wish all of you much success in your current and future endeavors!

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